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He Is Really Working Overtime – We need to be too!

The Constitutional lawyer is trying to kill the Constitution by disregarding its provisions!

June 14, 2012


You would think that someone who lies, would remember the lies, so that his stories would be consistent! Apparently he just doesn’t care what we think of him – he thinks everything’s in the bag and the bag is sewn tight shut, but things are beginning to leak out, more and more with each passing day!

The two pages below are from the American Thinker website – posted today! Interesting reading!

This is a facinating post for a number of reasons! It deals with Obama’s book, a new book about him coming out soon (Confront and Conceal) and the writer’s previous post about this subject! That’s some good reference points! The other interesting detail is his lineage! It is amazing for three of the main races or ethnicities or whatever word you feel comfortable using, to come together in one man! He is black from his father’s side and caucasian and jewish from his mother’s side! This is not meant to be a racist comment, merely an observation! He is part Jewish, yet he has gone out of his way to leave Israel to fend for itself with his policies, in world politics! If you have studied history then that should be familiar! Hitler was also part Jewish from his mother’s side, and he, with backing from the Rothschilds (the elite), tried to exterminate Europe’s Jewish population! Like they used to say years ago on TV, in “Laugh In” – “Very Interesting!” Another ancestral observation for your information – the Rockefeller dynasty (the elite) are Rothschilds through a female descendant!

June 13, 2012

Not content to wait and have history write about him in the future, Obama has been rewriting the White House Presidential bios to include his acts! Arrogance doesn’t even begin to describe this!

Below is the write up from Fox News:

This man’s ego is as big as the debt he has created for our country!


May 29, 2012

Yesterday, the president awarded this nation’s highest civilian honor – THE MEDAL OF FREEDOM, to the CHAIR OF THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISTS OF AMERICA! She is also the co-founder of the United Farm Workers Union! I’m sure the highest civilian honor in the land was given to her for her work towards subverting this country to a Socialist/Marxist state!

This article was posted in the Heritage Foundations Investment Newsletter!

CLICK the copy of the page, below, for reading!

This is another story not being picked up by the regular media! I am outraged at the insult to all previous Medal Of Freedom recipients and to America! “One Nation UNDER GOD . . .” Apparently the president does not understand that simple Christian precept! What in socialist and or Marxist dogma espouses God? Like communists, Marxists and socialists work to ban religions, churches, prayers and the worship of God! Do you still doubt that we are no longer a Christian nation, that our Constitution has been relegated to irrelevance and that we are on the road to total ruination!

No one will protest this action, because no one wants to be labeled a racist! This is not about ethnicity – this is about America and its Constitution, and that it was founded as a Democratic Republic AND NOT A SOCIALIST STATE! To reward the opposite of all that is American is an atrocity! Yes, I do know she is the honorary chair! Yes, I do know the medal sometimes goes to foreign dignitaries etc., but it has never, as far as I know, been awarded to someone who espouses the destruction of the way of life of this country!

Do you know, that it is the president alone who picks the people to be awarded the Medal Of Freedom? It was his choice and his alone, to award the Medal Of Freedom to the honorary Chair of The Democratic Socialists of America and co-founder of the United Farm Workers Union!

Below are some more coverages of this story – the first is from CBS News – they buried her name with the other recipients and neglected to mention that she is the honorary Chair of the Democratic Socialists of America!

The DC Decoder also posted the story but they didn’t even list all the recipients, instead they wandered off into the history of the Medal Of Freedom.

This is only half of the article, if you wish to read it all, visit the DC Decoder on line!

And he did it on Memorial Day!!!

 May 14, 2012

The Case OF The Hot Mike!

This is a link to an amazing James Bond type of video! It deals with Obama and the Russians and the hot, open microphone situation!

It was made by “America At The CrossRoads”. Worth a watch – it only runs for about 4 minutes.

Obama said, into an open mike, “After my re election I will have more flexibility!”

To watch the video CLICK on the link below!

Putin said he would be better able to take care of matters after his re election (not on the video) and

Putin’s re election was full of fraud – will we have the same here in November?

Russia’s Putin is surrounded by his security guards!

May 10, 2012

The Federal Reserve is the problem! Now, not only will we have the FR printing money, getting our government deeper into debt but we will have China’s main Banks doing business here! One of the three is 70% owned by the Chinese government!


If we don’t demand that the Federal Reserve System get disbanded,

That our government take over the printing and issuing of our money


That the United Nations be expelled from our soil,

And all our agreements with it be voided –

We are going to be led into the coming era of the elite’s colonialism –

The New World Order!

If you want to know what that will be like read George Orwell’s “1984” published in 1949, it is a blueprint for where we are being taken – it was written to put the information out there for all the groups who are working towards world domination by the banking elite! And a counter story “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley, published in 1932. Our future will not be a pretty picture, especially for the ones deemed “useless eaters”, who will need to be eliminated, to bring the total world population down to a permanent  and easily manageable, five hundred million serfs!

May 9, 2012

It seems like the government expects the economy to not just get worse, but to crash! So what are they doing? Nothing to fix the financial mess but instead they are preparing the FEMA Camps for use! Don’t even try to fix the problem – ready the compounds to round up the people who will be objecting strenuously, when their money looses all value!

What has this country become?

May 4, 2012


The White House is trying to arm twist the Supreme Court into leaving Obamacare intact and our Media is ignoring the shenanigans! If they do not rule that the whole thing is unconstitutional it will be the straw that broke the camel’s back! First it will bankrupt America with its unfunded portions and secondly it will make retired people into DISPOSABLE CITIZENS who have outlived their usefulness! All medical treatment for seniors will have to be approved by committees and that isn’t ever going to work – people will be dying waiting to hear if their treatments have been approved or not!

Let’s hope all their pushing makes the Supreme Court upset at the attempted usurping of the Supreme Court’s power and they rule in favor of the people by declaring Obamacare unconstitutional!

April 19, 2012

The Obama Administration, through its lawyers, has admitted that the birth certificate is a forgery!

Bombshell that fizzeled due to lack of outrage from “We The People”!  Maybe there will still will be a groundswell of anger at the ineligible usurper in the White House and the people who put him there and now are keeping him there! Read the convoluted argument they used to get the birth certificate thrown out as evidence and the judge agreed!

I sure hope so, because that would mean people are paying attention! I am afraid that they are not and will not, no matter what evidence is presented or how overwhelming it becomes! One reason is what Michelle Obama said, a few days ago, during a speech she made – ” Obama has brought us out of the dark and into the light!” and there was rousing applause!

When is his schedueled “walks on water” event? Must be coming up soon!

We need to wake up and see the nightmare we are now living in!

April 17, 2012


This is a report on the court hearing in New Jersey about placing Obama’s name on the ballot! The lawyer admits the certificate is a forgery! Does anyone hear a call on the Hill for “Impeachment”! No, neither do I! I suppose he can’t be impeached because he’s not a legal president! A description of the hearing is below – pathetic about sums it up!

This man, posing as America’s President, has to be removed from office so it and America can regain their former respect!

April 15, 2012

On Friday, April 13, 2012 Obama signed another Executive Order, bypassing Congress and ruling by fiat! This one purports to make it easier to find and process natural gas BUT how can making THIRTEEN (13) Agencies plus anyone else they would wish to appoint, responsible for the task, make anything easier for any company? It also steps on the toes of the states involved by taking the process away from them! Below is a piece from the Independent Sentinel :

He keeps doing it and Congress keeps taking it! Read the piece I have under “Opinion” by Judge Andrew Napolitano about our Constitution – “What if” – it should make you think!

April 15, 2012

What is it, would be a fair question! Bullet proof tank on wheels, would be my guess answer!

The Department of Homeland Security owns 2,700 of them!

What will they do with them? I have no idea but let me quote from their vision statement as to what part of their job is, in their own minds – “to secure the nation.” I find it downright scary, on top of almost 3/4 of a million rounds of hollow core bullets, bullet proof kiosks and buying up the total supply of anti radiation pills! Then I think about all those new detention camps, with their barbed wire fencing, just sitting there, empty, and I shudder!

 April 11, 2012

DHO Sets up Green Justice Units! Another arm of the UN’s Agenda 21 proscriptions! Below this is Army stockpiling anti radiation pills!

We have to stop this while we still can because our window of opportunity is closing!

April 11, 2012

I wish I was making all of this up – but it is happening HERE and NOW! Army is stockpiling anti radiation pills!

One of the implications from this is – they will have them and you won’t! If they buy similar number of units as they did bullets (450 million rounds) there will not be anything left for you and me! But a bigger question is WHY? Forget what they said – WHY are they doing all of this??? It’s scaring me!

April 8, 2012

This is an opinion piece written by Ben Stein,

published in the American Spectator under

“Ben Stein’s Diary” on April 6, 2012!

Disturbing, on many levels, but mainly because Stein is an Obama supporter and he is having major issues with Obama’s statements to and about the Supreme Court as well as oil companies! Americans need to wake up – how many wake up calls is it going to take?

Holder Bars No Holds April 5, 2012

This is turning into a daily soap opera – “As The Constitution Turns!”

I still feel he is playing word games, as in semantics, as in “define what is “is”!

Below is a full copy of the letter he sent to the court.

A lot of justification that misses the mark on what Obama actually said and definitely ignores the attempted intimidation tactics! Below is some analyses by Judge Napolitano!

Summery – all three branches of government –




Have EQUAL POWER under our Constitution and there is a good reason for that! It is to prevent too much power being usurped by one of the branches! This is part of the checks and balances! It has worked since 1776 and we need to make sure that our Constitution keeps on working!

Today, April 4, 2012 The beat goes on regarding the President and the Supreme Court!

Judge Napolitano gets it right – He’s not dangerously close to being totalitarian – he is trying to be totalitarian!

Click HERE to see the video!

Just To Refresh Your Memory –

Here is an explanation of the 3 Branches of Our Government!

I copied this explanation from The Harry S. Truman Library.

He May Have Stirred Up A Hornets Nest!

Then Eric Holder Tries to pacify –

Tomorrow should be an interesting day!

For two days in a row he has been threatening the Supreme Court! Where is the outrage? Below is the story of the first salvo, fired in the Rose Garden, in front of the Mexican and Canadian leaders! These stories are from the Fox News Network.

April 2, 2012

April 3, 2012 – The Analysis

And if all of this was not enough – he did it again on April 3, 2012

And so it goes – he’s putting so much “BS” out there, you would think he’s working on a degree, and maybe he is, this one from “MSU” (Making Stuff Up) and our Constitution is burning!


Would someone please explain how being in the profession of medicine qualifies one to be the president of the biggest financial institution in the world? Other than having gone to all the Illuminati schools and working with the World Health Organization for many years, that is! Today, March 23, 2012, Obama nominated Jim Yong Kim, for that powerful position because he was instructed to do so by the elite, and since the World Bank, together with the Federal Reserve, is working to devalue our money and crash our economy, this is another lighted match being held against our Constitution.

The three pages below are from the online encyclopedia and they detail the life and accomplishments of Dr. Jim Yong Kim.




Interesting to notice that the appointment was announced today and I copied the above pages in the early afternoon, the reference to Jim Yong Kim’s appointment was already in place!

If we don’t get rid of the United Nations soon and nullify all the treaties America’s elected officials have signed with them, we are going to see our troops swearing allegence to the United Nations and the new world order and coming after us, the American citizenry, because we object to what is happening! That is in accordance with the FBI’s definition of terror activists, and the bans against public assembly and speech, if the area is declared a closed zone! This has all transpired this year – so do some research and read up on all these things!

Our Constitution is crumbling!


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