June 29, 2012

SCOTUS Ruling On Obamacare Analyses!

This is just one of the many reaction to the Obamacare ruling, yesterday!

This is an interesting analyses of the Supreme Courts Action and an attempt to explain Roberts apparent defection!

All I can say is – I SINCERELY HOPE SO!

The Obama “TruthTeam” (they have to be insane to name it that) was busy today – swearing that Obamacare IS NOT A TAX! Well, that would mean the Supreme Court is either lying or irrelevant!

I am hoping, their actions mean the above analysis was correct!

Below is a solid analyses by Forbes:

There are a few times when I wish I was an attorney (very few) but this ruling is definitely one such time! It would be good to understand it a lot better and even more importantly, to understand its implications! Otherwise, we are still heading to to this medical hell!

And at the end of that line, the poor house awaits us!

If some of the analysts are right and when it becomes clearer, that they are right –

Then I will move these posts to the VICTORIES page!!!

June 28, 2012


This took me by surprise – I was not expecting Obamacare to be ruled as Constitutional! And on top of that they changed how it was written to make it into a TAX! That sets a precedent that could be worse than Obamacare itself! Now the government can tax anything or any behavior it deems as unacceptable – for instance, they have been trying for years to take away our 2nd Amendment rights, now it will be easy to do – tax guns and ammunition out of existence!

Back in 2009 Obama absolutely and positively declared that the Healthcare Bill was NOT A TAX!

Didn’t matter to the Supreme Court, obviously!

Below are some pertinent comments, about some of the effects of Obamacare!

June 27, 2012


National News didn’t even make a note of it!

Two bad days in a row – yesterday Obama declared a National Emergency! It had to do with the Russians disarming and their handling of the nuclear waste! But any declared National Emergency gives him power over everything and everybody in this country, due to the Patriot Act, the NDAA and all the other laws and Executive Orders! That is scaring me – big time!

And so, we walk the line, it is right along the brink of DISASTER for our LIBERTIES!



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