Kris Anne Hall – Agenda 21 and Race to the Top!

This is an important video to watch if you want to know what has happened to our education system & when it all started! America needs to take its children back – pull them out of the public school system, maybe then the so called educators will start to listen to the parents and start teaching again instead of indoctrinating & propagandizing!

It does not take a village – IT TAKES A FAMILY – to raise a child!

Kris Anne Hall Agenda 21 and Race To The Top

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Uploaded on Oct 9, 2011

Contitutional Attorney and former state discusses Agenda 21 and Education. She is the author of “Not a Living Breathing Document: Reclaiming our Constitution.

If we don’t save the children for Common Core and

the propaganda they are being fed on a daily basis,

we will not be able to hold on to our country!

 Administration lap dogs have already been out there with their statements that the “children belong to the state and not their parents”! Are you ready and willing to give them up to the state??? You need to act and act now or it will be too late for all of us!

child belong 2 state

MSNBC: Your Children Belong To The State!

Published on Apr 6, 2013

Historically,when tyrants take over they come for the children. The enemy is moving on all fronts, the fact that they are so bold is key. This is a hot take over. The Cold War against liberty is ending! America is in the hands of cold blooded techno criminals. They are coming for it all! our guns, our land and our children! Warn everyone, make preparations.

MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry says your children are not yours — they are owned by the community. She says public education has failed because we have not allowed the state to confiscate more of our money.

“We have to break through our private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families,” says the professor of political science at Tulane University, where she is founding director of the Anna Julia Cooper Project on Gender, Race, and Politics in the South. Kids belong to whole communities, she insists, and once we realize this we’ll make “better investments” in government indoctrination of children.…

child belong state

child is states

This should chill you to the bone!

The time to do something is now – while you still can

Because tomorrow may be too late!


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