Every once in a while, a real upper of a story presents itself!

This is one such story – a one of a kind or the first in the world – victory, against the global elite! This is a story that has to be repeated by every nation on this earth – if we are to regain our freedom from the world domination pushers – the elite international bankers!

Click on the images for reading!

These pages are copies so any links in them will not work. To follow a link type in its URL!

David Icke also had this story on his website, as did a number of other people but the version above was the most complete.

Some earlier history below –

Additional Information –

The two pages above are a reprint of part of an extensive post on Iceland – to read the original CLICK on the link below and visit hermes press website.

A victory for the people of Iceland who stood their ground and won!


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