Disarming America


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The League of Nations was created after WWI, but it failed because Russia’s Czar Nicholas, nixed the deal. It was supposed to do the same things that the United Nations does. The United Nations was created after WWII and the Bolshevik Revolution, which got rid of the Czar, with one purpose in mind, to dis-arm, de-fang, demoralize and destroy America! As long as we have the Second Amendment, The Elite will hesitate to send in their UN shock troops (our own armed forces) to put America under Global Control.

Unfortunately, we were sold out, many years ago, by one of America’s best loved presidents! Yes, I am referring to John F. Kennedy, who in 1961 signed a piece of paper, which authorizes the reduction of our armed forces and then makes mandatory, the handing over of what’s left of them, to serve under United Nations Control! No, I am not making this up and unfortunately for all of us, it is a fact! Research “The Iron Mountain Report” – no it was not a hoax and most of its points have been implemented, at this point in time.

“pledged signatories to work towards complete disarmament” This treaty was ratified by Congress and signed by John F. Kennedy on October 7, 1963.

I believe this was what former president George Bush Sr. was referring to when he was talking with then, White House reporter Sara Mc Clendon. There are a number of variations of this quote but I was unable to verify any of them, especially now, because Sara Mc Clendon died about ten years ago. This is a link to the online encyclopedia page on Sara: Sarah McClendon – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The next four are a copy of a signed letter, by Don Rogers, a former California State Senator, dated April 22, 2011

This is an article written by Bernadine Smith, which lists the publication numbers for all of the relevent  information. These pages are copies so the links don’t work – to use just type in the full web address.

The following was an article written by author Charlotte Iserbyt in 2005:


If you feel afraid, you most definitely should be and if you are not then do your own research, and you will find out the dire position we are in! Our Constitution has been crumbling and under assault for almost 100 years while most of us played ostrich! We need to stop all of this globalization, now, while we still can! We MUST get rid of the UN and nullify all of the treaties we signed with it, if we are to survive as America, and we have to do this sooner rather than later! A start would be sharing all of this information with everyone you know!

April 15, 2012

What follows is Obama’s actions to further the disarming agenda for American citizens. Even though during his 1st campaign he said repeatedly that he would not take our guns – his record says differently. This was written and posted December 28, 2011 by John Loft.


Our founding fathers put in the 2nd. Amendment for a very good reason – they knew how dictatorships work and the tyranny that comes with them!

It was put there as a last resort to keep us free – we must not give up that right!

If the government succeeds in disarming American citizens, then the Elite with their NewWorld Order & UN enforcers will move right in! We must never allow that to happen. Our right to bear arms is the only thing that is preventing the last steps of the world domination agenda from being implemented!


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