From Many – One! This country was a melting pot! It used to assimilate immigrants because they wanted to be Americans! That’s what we all need to be again – AMERICANS!

March 6, 2012

I was born under the Communist’s regime and also lived under Nazi rule. I was a child, but some things are burned into your brain so you can never forget, and one of the things that I find upsetting is, when someone who has no personal experience with totalitarian regimes blathering things like “but communism works on paper” when in actuality it does not work, even on paper, if you do it correctly!

I chose to come to America – the bastion of freedom!

I chose to become a citizen!

I choose to vote because that is a privilege I value!

And I suppose for many years I chose to live in ignorance about what was happening in this country and the world!

Well, I can no longer look the other way and stay silent!

I can no longer just shrug and say, well there’s nothing I can do because this is so big and so far advanced and most people will not believe it anyway!

I have to try, in what ever way I can, to wake people up to the danger that is just around the corner –

And hope that it is not already too late!

What these two genocidal maniacs did, will pale by comparison to what lies ahead for our country and the world, if the global dominance agenda is not thwarted!

                                                                                                                                                                  STALIN (a made up name)

HITLER  (a made up name)


It is important to know, understand and never forget History – otherwise we are bound to keep repeating it!

The Shuttle on its last flight to a museum! A wonderful achievement has gone into history! Let us not allow similar words to be written about America – an interesting social experiment but it lasted less than 300 years!


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