There have been a number of different theories proposed on why the president lies, lies & lies! The article below deals with it in the most understandable way. CLICK on each page for reading!

He is making a Big Government BIGGER and increasing the large numbers of dependents on it! And it’s all for more votes!

The pages are copies so any links in them will not work – to follow a link type in the web URL!

This analysis makes more sense than any other I have read. They all touched on some of the points made here, but none wrote about it as well as David Kupelian does. The knowledge that this man controls total power over our lives and every product & item in America (Patriot Act, NDAA, numerous Executive Orders) is frightening!

November is coming – he has to be voted out!

 If we are to survive as a Constitutional Republic and regain our freedoms!

After that, we can work on reversing all the other things that are very wrong in America today!

All these things are poisoning our country and must be changed –

And all the people responsible must be thrown out!



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