By now everyone has read that SCOTUS (Supreme Court Of The US) let Obamacare stand! However, you may not understand the full implications of what they did – in brief – they set a precedent for allowing the government to tax anything it doesn’t like! The government now can tax the 2nd Amendment out of existence! Ditto for all supplements! You name it, they don’t like it, they can tax it ad nauseum!

Justice Roberts will go down in history as the one who finally killed the Constitution!

This is a good summery of the history of this dreadful piece of legislation, which was designed to overload our system & finally break America’s back, financially!

CLICK on each image for reading!

Now you know the tortured history of the legislation that will make paupers of us all, and possibly push us into full blown socialism!


This article has some interesting information!

The images are copies of pages, so any links in them will not work!

CLICK to enlarge for reading!

The road he put us on!

Since SCOTUS caved, WE THE PEOPLE have to vote the right people in so it can be repealed!

The November Vote becomes even more critical!


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