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A word of caution – when doing your own research, make sure you delete all your cookies right after you leave one of their websites! That kind of tracking you don’t want or need!  Even if you don’t go to any of the nwo, global anything or elite web sites, it’s a good idea to delete cookies frequently – they can slow your system down and send information about it and your browsing habits, back to their source! They are a two edged sword – without them you would not be able to view web pages as well and sometimes, not at all!

They bring up some important points that are definitely worth looking into! A lot of Europe’s royalty are and have been heavily involved in the global union (the new term for new world order) and various elite groups. They have started and or funded many of them!

Here are some general explanations of the elite – world rulers in waiting!

The first one is from RIF web site and lower two are from the online encyclopedia:

A good summery of the Bilderbergers follows!

WE THE PEOPLE need to remember and remind Congress and the White House that –

They work for us and not visa versa!

We need to unite and work for the two things that will undo our chains so we can move on the rest of what has to be done to get out freedoms back! We need to abolish the Federal Reserve System of Banks, so that issuing and printing money returns to our governement and the elite lose their funding, and we need to get rid of the United Nations, because they are implementing the elite’s plans through such agreements as “Agenda 21”, which will enslave the whole world! We need to kick them off America’s soil and nullify all the treaties our elected officials have signed with them, over the years! If we don’t accomplish these two things, we will be subject to one world tyranny! And it will be sooner than you may think!


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