Bilderbergers leave after calling Americans “COCKROACHES”!

The is an update from the Alex Jones group – shows the arrogance of the Bilderberg Group, and the real clincher is – they are so rich, so powerful and so mighty – legends in their own minds, but they don’t know how to tip any worker for their service! These peons are not deserving of even a thought about the work they do for them! This is a good illustration of how those of us that survive their population control agendas, will be treated! We need to actively start working to dismantle these groups and their world domination agendas!


Just like cockroaches themselves, they have scattered to work on their appointed tasks! We need to work on ours – we can nullify them by working to close down the Federal Reserve system of banks and getting the UN out of America, at the same time nullifying all the agreements out elected officials have signed with them over the years! Then issuing and printing money will be returned to our Government! If we don’t do these two things we will become the roaches under the feet of these same elite, waiting to be stepped on and cruched out of existence!

Start e mailing all your elected officials, both on the local, state and federal level! Get your friends and family to join in and help! Our survival as a free and independent people depends on it!


This one should be in the “Victories” page, but I have additional information, so I decided to make a separate post for the good news – some of the regular “Media” are beginning to report on the Bilderberg meeting!

Below is a report on this from the “Globalist”!

The page is a copy so any links will not work!

CLICK to enlarge for reading!

Now that this secretive, controlling group has been outed, they will be mentioned but I am sure not fully and not in depth!

What follows is a list of the names of the founding members of the Bilderberg Group from 1954!





Over the years the names have changed, some, but the new world order agenda has not! Today, they are very close to realizing their ambitions and they will, unless WE THE PEOPLE start putting up roadblocks to their world domination plans! We have to pull their teeth and the best way of doing that is by pressuring Congress to close the Federal Reserve system of banks and return the power of issuing and printing money to our government! Revoke their charter and then kick the UN off America’s soil and nullify all treaties our officials have signed with them! Those two things would give us some time to work at getting our freedom back! If the elite succeed, we will be in their tyrannical rule for a very long time, if not for ever!

I came across two maps, that are fascinating reading. Both are old maps, from the late 1930s and early 1940s!

The first is a map that shows the division of the world, per the victorious ruling elite, through the newly established United Nations, although it was called The World League Of Nationalities originally.

Below are the explanation points from under the map, printed larger, for easier reading!

Free Trade was supposed to mean MORE JOBS! Well, so far this has not happened!


But it did start the process of getting us used to the idea of a unified North America and this is a bad thing! We all need to retain our national identities and borders!

 The world map at the top, in a slightly modified version, is still being used by the elite, today, in their plans for world domination!

This is an older version of the new world order map – completed in 1941!

This may be the way the new world order has divided the planet now!


The top map has the 10 regions, the map right above, has the regions simplified down to 5!

This map shows how the AXIS (WWII) planned to divide the world – into only 3 regions!

You have to know and understand your enemy to win!


This is my kind of symbol!


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