Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, wants a New World Order!

I wish he would take it and go to some other planet, but since that isn’t going to happen, I wonder how people get to be so stupid? Or have they all swallowed the elite’s lies, over the years! It takes very little brain power to think this through!

A New World Order – instead of many nations you will have one government! ONE GOVERNMENT that rules the whole world! That much power in a few hands! The saying is “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!”

Then throw in the factor of human nature being what it is and you have the perfect recipe for TYRANNY – ON A GLOBAL SCALE! And governments, including the Vatican, keep asking for it! I hope we can avert it, so they never get the nightmare they are they are wishing for!

Once it is in place, it will be almost impossible to displace!

And we will have lost the freedoms our founders fought and died for

and set up the Constitution to protect!

Below is the report from “Globalist”

CLICK the images for reading! The pages are copies so the links do not work!

Iran wants a NewWorld Order!

Africa is asking for a new world order!

Australia is joining the growing idiots chorus!

Interesting bio on the Australian born, but representing America, with the Bilderberg Group – member James Wolfenshon!

It is hard to believe that so many countries and people have been duped by these elite! Time for all of us to WAKE UP!

Here are some interesting statement and quotes about the new world order – gleaned over the years!

They have been telling us all along, but we have refused to see or hear! Some are still in denial – they need to open their awareness to reality – and the reality is WE ARE BEING TAKEN OVER, bit by bit and piece by piece!

There is a link to the whole article, that I have excerpted, below. The article is a long one and it has many videos that are part of it BUT it is a most important one to read and listen to:

I made copies of three of the theories that are now accepted as facts, they are reproduced below:


The video link does not work – CLICK on the link to the whole article, below!



CLICK on the link below to go to the full article :

Jonathan Elinoff did an excellent job of research and compilation. There is an amazing amount of information in his post!

We all need to read and learn, so we can step aside from the road to the New World Order and forge our own road to continued independence!


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