Acton & Dystel Booklet Has Barrack Obama’s Bio!

This is another bombshell that is turning into a dud – not because it’s not true – it is, but because the Media is ignoring this story, but this, together with the fake birth certificate, forged social security number and disappearing transcripts, adds up to only one possible conclusion – BARACK OBAMA was born overseas, and as such, is Constitutionally ineligible to be President! Media are not the only people ignoring this – so is the average American! Where is the outrage? Where is the indignation, at least? The man sitting in the White house is not a legal President and he is trying to remake America into a Marxist state!

The pages are copies, so any links in them will not work!

CLICK on each for reading!

 They are really trying to keep this low key!

Below is an expanded take on the booklet:

Here is a third version of reactions to the A & D Booklet:

Each version has interesting additional material! In this post, one of the former employees of A & D says it was her editing error! Really! And they continued to use the booklet, with that kind of misinformation, for 15 years! Hard to believe!

Below is an explanation of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution!

He lied his way into the White House and continues to lie. He also has re written the biographies of every President, in the White House to include his own agendas!

A lot of sources picked this up & ran with it:

The next post gives actual examples of what was done:

 This man has no ethics or morals! He lies! He has broken the laws of America and is not Constitutionally qualified to be President! We need to force Congress to do its job and start impeachment proceedings!


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