Bill Moyers conducts an in depth interview with David Stockman, on the state of our financial health, not yours and mine but of the mega financial institutions on Wall Street! It is a video that needs to be watched by everyone, so that we get an understanding of what is wrong!

Bill Moyers

David Stockman

To watch the video CLICK on the link below!

After Bill Moyers finishes the David Stockman interview he talks with Gretchen Morganson, who has written a book titled “Reckless Endangerment”, which also deals with the corruption on the hill! Another great interview for Bill Moyers, where he lets the person speak their mind! This interview starts right after David Stockman’s and is also an important one to watch!

Gretchen Morganson

These interviews confirm my worst fears – unless some radical changes are made and David Stockman proposed some necessary ones which should be implemented, but until the money corruption is stopped on the hill, nothing will change! And America continues, like the Titanic, heading right for the iceberg!


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