According to the FBI Handbook’s definition, 2012

Agenda 21 came out in full bloom on April 13, 2012, when Janet Napolitano’s department, The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), announced they will be creating an “environmental justice” unit that will be working alongside local governments to oversee environment; regulations. Think Green Police – the UK got them in 2009 and in 2010 Audi made some Super Bowl commercials spoofing the idea. It’s not very funny, really, because what DHS’s Vision statement expresses! “. . .resilient against terrorism and other hazards . . . or environmental risks associated with our efforts to secure the nation.

“Other hazards” could be a person who leaves every light on in his house and I shudder to think what “to secure the nation” means! And isn’t working with local governments overstepping federal authority? It gets better – the DHS’ Environmental Justice Working Group involves 11 Federal Government agencies, including the TSA, FEMA and the Secret Service. I’m sure you’re going to be able to sleep better each night knowing that the Secret Service may be adding your name to their list  – which must have well over 1 million names of domestic terrorists, by now! Keep in mind that the FBI’s hand book defines domestic terrorist as anyone who objects to what the Government is doing and/or anyone who is a Constitutionalist!

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Below is the Department’s of Homeland Security vision statement from Bob Mc Carty’s blog:

From The Blaze comes:

New American had a good article on this subject:

We already have a form of green police enforcing environmental rules in some areas – below is an image from the video “The Fall of the Republic” in which this officer says that when people ask him what he does & he tells them, they don’t believe him! That is the BIG problem in America today – the media has ridiculed any suggestion of NWO, UN World Troops, our government being part of the globalists agenda and so on for so long, that people just don’t believe it! We need to WAKE them up because our country is being subverted, right under our noses!

From”The Fall of the Republic”!

Then there is this interesting badge from the late great state of Texas:

Following is an solid commentary in American Dream, posted in 2011:

The next piece is about England’s Green Police, written on July 6, 2009:

Oh yes – Hitler had his green teams too, as well as the brown shirts:

The banking elite repeat their successes – if it worked for Hitler in Germany, it will work for Obama in America! And you know what? They are right – it is working! There is no outrage, there is no outpouring of emails to cease and desist! We are not doing well, on this! If we loose this battle we have lost the war and America!

Here is a bill for you to look at & try to defeat – Senate Bill 1813!

SB 1813 is being pushed by Barbara Boxer (CA) It will authorize the Government to revoke passports on people who owe the IRS $50k or more in taxes. It sounds good, but the way it is written all that will be needed is for the IRS to put your name on the list & your passport will be gone! No proof needed & no recourse provided! And we all know that the IRS NEVER makes any mistakes, right! NOT!

So, email your elected representatives, senators and the White House! Let them read your outrage – but this will only succeed if millions of us do it! If we could swamp Washington D.C. with our displeasure, it may delay things enough for us to organize and take back our Constitution and country!

I will keep saying this – we have to get rid of the Federal Reserve Banking system and the United Nations or we are doomed as an independent republic or a republic of any kind and you can forget independence too!


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