These are the times that try men’s souls … these are Thomas Paine’s words about The American Crises after the Declaration of Independence, during the period of America’s revolution. I think we are in a similar period now – we have to turn back the tide of The Elite and their instrument, The United Nations, or we will become a footnote in history! A  great idea, historians will write, but the Republic failed after a few hundred years from a lack of supporters of its Constitution! If this sounds like an eulogy, it is meant to – we are in dire straights and there is no groundswell of movement to force Congress to do its duty and uphold the Constitution! We are like the chicken whose head has been cut off  but it still is running around without a clue about what it is doing or what is happening around it!

The UN’s Agenda 21 is an insidious piece of work encompassing 44 chapters. It covers every aspect of life on this planet! Bottom line is it will take away all private property, without compensation, for the greater good! It is not a new piece but it is being implemented here and other countries as well and what is really frightening is how much they have already succeeded in putting in place!

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These pages are copies so any links in them do not work. To follow a link, type in the full web address!

The next few pages are from the Blaze!

Are you beginning to get the picture – well here is more information! This article was written by Henry Lamb.

Below is a piece dated April 11, 2012 from the Wichita Eagle. The reporter had to cover it so a derisive tone was used! (Part of the plan – discredit anything that may scuttle the world domination plan.) The age of Agenda 21 is not in question, nor has age diminished the implementation of the plan. Fortunately there is some awareness happening, but it needs to become a landslide!

What follows is a summery from the online encyclopedia. I would ask that you read the full Agenda 21 plan on your own – 44 chapters with references, would overload this post! But reading it all will show you how insidious a plan it is and one that needs to be halted, now, before we own nothing, not even ourselves!

The next pages come from the Democrats Against Agenda 21 website. They have been trying to raise people’s awareness since 2010.






And there is more . . .

On june 22, 2010 Barack Obama signed Executive Order number 13575 that paves the way for implementation of Agenda 21!

All this information needs to be shared with everyone you know! This is NOT about political parties – this is about our survival as the free and independent republic of AMERICA!


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