Origins – a fascinating subject and one that we routinely take for granted! No, not our own origins but of names, and in particular – the name America! Where did it come from?

A long time ago, in a world vastly different from ours today, a German Cartographer, Martin Waldseemuller, decided to name the lands of the New World after Amerigus Vespucci  so he called them America! He had not heard about the voyages of discovery made by Christopher Columbus! That is not surprising because in 1507, the world was a very large place and news took years to spread.

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A closer look at the New World Lands –

There are a lot of theories that have been proposed over the centuries, as to why it was named America, when Vespucci’s name was Amerigus! I have my own theory. When I was in high school, one of the subjects we had to take was cursive writing – this involved learning the old English alphabet and being able to write, using it. It made me very aware of typography, whether done by hand as in 1507 and then printed or type set and printed in later years, and now using fonts in the computer.

Look at the word “AMERICA” on the map, now look at the letter C – most C’s do not have a line that goes up from where the bottom curve ends! I feel he wrote a “G” but somehow was distracted and didn’t go back to put in the small stroke at the top, to finish the letter! Why didn’t he fix it later? When you are the one who writes & draws something, it is difficult to see an error, because you know what should be there and that is what you see! The lack of a stroke changed history for the better – can you imagine living in AMERIGA? Can you imagine living in AMERIKA? The last is a good possibility, if we don’t change the direction that the Federal Reserve and the United Nations, are taking us in!

The excerpt below is from the online encyclopedia, and it covers our country’s official naming – it’s interesting and not as straight forward as you might think!

So, we started out as America in 1776, but subsequently (in the following 2 years) the name was officially changed to The United States Of America! The most common usage of the name, prior to the start of the UN & the push for the New World Order, was America and Americans. Since the 1940s, media, ads books etc., refer to our country simply as The United States! That’s not a good thing, because that takes away our patriotism and pride in our country! Let’s try to take our identity back by only referring to our land as America!

 Below is a fascinating explanation of the history of the names of our 50 States! Have you ever put it together that only one state is named after a president? Or that 11 are named for kings and queens?

State Name Origins!


To continue Shakespeare’s quote – “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” – true, but it might be a lot more difficult to pronounce! So let’s keep the name AMERICA and make it our country again!

To read why, what, where,when and how of the New World Order and the Elite that are pushing for One World domination – that information is in all my previous posts and will continue to be expanded as I learn more from my research!


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