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The Man Who Loved The New World Order so much he signed away our liberty!

John F. Kennedy – the 35th President of America

I have mentioned the papers the JFK signed in 1961 for the United Nations in various places on my blog but the time has come to show exactly what it is and the path down which we are being led by our elected representatives in Washington, because they are still adhering to its timetable. One senator, when asked, said that yes they were still working on it, since it has never been repealed! It is usually referred to as the “Freedom From War” treaty, but its correct title is “Department of State Publication 7277”.

Charlotte Iserbyt wrote this article on May 27, 2005. It is even more relevant today!

The next six pages are from an archived magazine story written by Thomas K. Burk in March/April of 1994 in Endtime Magazine.





Next is Thomas Burk’s summery & conclusion with a chilling quote from Richard N. Gardner, one of  President Clinton’s advisors on the UN.


Take a read at which schools he attended, his scholarships and the books he wrote! He was a member of the Trilateral Commission from 1974 to 2005.  All these years they have been telling us what they are doing but we just didn’t understand and unfortunately, way too many Americans still don’t get it!

Below is another explanation for how we were saddled with the Freedom From War treaty from the FAS/Space/Star Wars/Documents website.




Next is a look at Executive orders – their origins and use by various Presidents! Presidents who rule by decree (Executive Orders) are sidestepping the intent of the Constitution by taking total power into their own hands and bypassing the other branches of our government! Probably every President has issued some but the worst culprits of all time were Carter & Clinton – both racked up close to 350 Executive Orders each!


Official White House portraits of President Jimmy Carter and President Bill Clinton











Below are examples of Executive Orders written throughout our history.



That is about as good an explanation as exists. Now you should be able to recognize the abuse of power that was and is being perpetrated in the White House.

On June 22, 2011, Barack Hussein Obama signed Executive Order 13575

It is totally tied in to the united Nations Agenda 21!

And so, the beat goes, on but we have to stop marching to the united Nations tunes or we won’t be going on!


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