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If you control a country’s finances – you control the country! And you can quote me on that!

To understand why the Federal Reserve needs to be eliminated, you have to understand when and how it was created and by who, as well as for what purpose. It was the House Of Rothschild, so they could gain control over America’s economy. They already were controlling the economy of Europe! The year was 1912 and Wilson was running for President . . .

The above is from the Rothschild’s Timeline on Daryl Bradford Smith’s website and written by Andrew Hitchcock. The following two pages are from the online encyclopedia and they explain the Federal Reserve act.

The next three pages are from the Business Insider and talk about the Feds plan to devalue the dollar and exactly what that means.

Following are two pages where Presidential candidate Ron Paul explains the Federal Reserve’s power grab.

Giving more and more power to the Federal Reserve is going to ensure that they can bankrupt America and then put in their IMF money instead of the dollar, and then we will be under one world rule! Always remember, to understand what is going on you have to follow the money, and you will see that it is he who has the gold, that makes the golden rules!

To save America we must do these two things sooner rather than later, because it already is much later than we think – eliminate the Federal Reserve system and get rid of the United Nations – both groups are there for only one purpose and that is to destroy America and it’s Constitution and with it our freedoms!


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