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This is the sign that hung over the entrance to the coin shop – it is also the origin of the current family name!

These few sentences sum up the cause and effect well!

Below is the Rothschild Families’ Coat Of Arms!


We Americans do not pay attention to symbolism but it is important and can yield much additional innformation!

To get an idea of what in the world is going on, a look at history is needed. This is a timeline history of events in the Rothschild’s families. It is extremely important to read this slowly and let all the information sink in! It was written by Andrew Hitchcock, who has written a number of books on related subjects. This is a fairly long line of history but it it most definitely is a MUST READ!

The pages of text were written by Andrew Hitchcock but the illustrations and pictures are my additions. All these pages are copies, so any links do not work – to use them type in the full address. The Timeline of the Rothschild family is posted at – http://www.iamthewitness.com/DarylBradfordSmith_Rothschild.htm



A red hexagram which in German is “Rot Schild” or red sign and from thence came “Rothschild”!



An interesting excerpt!

And they and their ilk are still trying to return us to colonialism, but their version, through their plan for world domination!



Now you know why Jackson is on the $20 bill!

It is too bad for us that our elected members of Congress and newly elected president Woodrow Wilson, in 1913, did not take the threat of the Rothschilds seriously and allowed their third bank to be opened and gave them the unconstitutional power of issuing our money, as operators of the Federal Reserve Bank! (this is covered in page 10)




He had it right! And then he was assassinated!



“The Act establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President signs this Bill, the invisible government of the monetary power will be legalized . . . The greatest crime of the ages is perpetrated by this banking and currency Bill.”

On the passing of the Federal Reserve Act, December 23, 1913. Congressman Charles Lindbergh (No, the record setting, solo flying across the Atlantic pilot, but his father.)


Butchered by the Bolsheviks and Stalin – Czar Nicholas II, his wife, four daughters and son, all because Nicholas would not allow the Rothschilds to open a bank in Russia and he also scuttled their League of Nations plans!




From the left, Winston Churchill, F.D. Roosevelt and Stalin.The three who signed away about 12 million peoples lives when they agreed that Stalin was best able to take care of these people from the three Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) and signed the countries over to him, on February 11, 1945!








Bill Clinton and paramour Monica Lewinski




Below are the References used:

The timeline format is the best way to understand what has gone down for almost the past 400 years, right through to the present day, that I have come across! This reinforces the need for the Federal Reserve to be disbanded and barred from this country along with that other traitorous organization – the United Nations, also brought into existence by the same people and for the same purpose – our destruction and world domination!

Here is another take on the rise of the Rothschild dynasty. This is a condensed version of Chapter 5 in “Descent Into Slavery”  written by Des Griffin.







And a quote I totally agree with – we must change from this:

We need to see and understand so that we can effect change to save ourselves!

More information in the pages below, from the online encyclopedia!





Next is a summery:


The next pages are a list of the Rothschild descendants:




The References are listed below:

Because for so many generations the descendants have lived like royalty, (probably better than most) they think they are entitled to rule the world! We have to pull the teeth of their power – The Federal Reserve Banking System and the United Nations! These groups have to be removed and sent packing, and without them, the thousands of support institutions will loose most of their funding and relevance! That is, if we want to retain America, as we know it!

We have to learn how to look behind the smoke and mirrors (distractions) and pay attention to what is really happening in America, if we are to survive as Americans!


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