After I finish with all of this research, I will never trust a think tank again! We have been fed by the media, over the years, to believe that think tanks are there, for the public good! I am here to tell you that they work to bring us to globalization, and not just to it, but to condition us so that we will accept it with open arms! The Tavistok Institute is a world wide octopus whose reach extends, literally, into thousands of groups, associations and think tanks! It’s sole aim is global domination and it will use any means necessary to ensure that it’s goals are realized.

The following article was written by Dr. Byron T. Weeks, MD in 2001 and was published in the educate yourself website.

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If you read all that I have posted, you will see a pattern and that pattern is going to bring on America’s destruction, unless we can open our eyes to see beyond the smoke and mirrors, to what is really going on and then organize to turn it away from our doorstep!


The next post will deal with the Trilateral Commission – another major player in the new world order endgame!


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