The size of this world domination plan is so huge that it’s total scope is beyond normal comprehension! I am just attempting to shine a light on the bits and pieces that I have uncovered. Putting all that information into a cohesive whole is also a daunting task but I will do my best to lay it out in such a way that it is more easily readable and that should make it possible to follow all the trails! The most important thing to understand is – IT IS ABOUT MONEY, it has ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT MONEY and it continues TO BE ABOUT MONEY, but in such fantastically gigantic amounts, that makes it unreal for most of us! The next thing to be always aware of is that MONEY = POWER and the desire for power is what drives this plan. Power has been described variously over the centuries, but one of the most apt quotes goes something like this – POWER CORRUPTS AND ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY!

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When you read some of the horrendous things that have already been perpetrated by these puppeteers, remember the above quote and then try to imagine what kind of a world they are trying to make for you and me! Nightmare does not even begin to come close, so we need to wake up and become informed about what is on our doorstep! Then we may be able to thwart some of their immediate plans! That is my hope and to that end is why I am posting all of the information I have found!

This post deals with how their plans are being accomplished! This research was put together by Foster Gamble, whose website – has a lot of current information and video links to alerts he has posted on youtube!



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All these plans have succeeded because of one simple thing, they never deny, they do not hide – they are always in plain sight! They can do this because most people refuse to accept what their eyes are telling them! Here are a few examples of hiding things in plain sight!

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The next section IS POINTS TO PONDER – also based on Foster Gamble’s research for his website – This is not a link, if you want to check it out you need to type in the address.

The names of the various groups pushing the world domination agenda have changed over the hundreds of years but some of the more prominent are, the Bilderberg Group, the 300 Committee, the Tovistok Institute, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Committee, the Club of Rome and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, to name a few. All of these are privately funded groups even though their names were deliberately picked to sound official, and there is where your investigation should begin – who started each of these groups, when, why and what is their purpose and most importantly, where does their money come from? I will be going over some, possible all of them, but that takes time so if you want to know now, this is the place to start.


The Supreme Court Complex in Israel is designed and funded totally by the Rothschilds with the “All Seeing Eye” overlooking the complex.

Central Bankers funded both sides of WWII, as well as some of the corporations associated with Hitler’s atrocities.

“There is an urgent need for a true world political authority.” Pope Benedict XVI, Encyclical Letter, 2009

Internationally, the Central Banking Cabal has put together huge organizations to implement their policies, including the World Trade Organization, the World Health Organization, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

The International Banking Cabal is intentionally trying to totally collapse the American dollar and replace it with a global IMF currency.

At present, in America, any citizen can be imprisoned without warning or due cause and spirited away to be detained indefinitely! (NDAA passed by Congress and signed by the President, last month) All that is needed is to be labeled a terrorist! (Please read the FBI’s definition of terrorist) Anyone who objects to the government is a terrorist!

Every email and phone call is archived!

WAASS:HR 658, Accelerates Drone Deployment for Surveillance of American Citizens.

 In 1904 the Carnegies funded the first Eugenics laboratory in Cold Springs Harbor, Long Island. The Rockerfellers funded involuntary sterilization through their eugenics programs and also funded the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Germany to further the racial supremacy agenda, later adopted by Hitler.

In 2007 the US Department of Agriculture and Homeland Security funded a proposed project to aerial spray over 7 million people in urban areas of northern California. After citizens organized and fought the plan, officials were forced to reveal that the spray included multiple toxins that can cause disease and disrupt the reproductive cycle.

It is interesting that the US media has consolidated from 50 companies down to 5 in about 25 years!

The US Government has been caught more than 30 times covertly experimenting with toxic chemicals on its own citizens – from soldiers and prisoners to Native American Reservations and entire towns and counties.

Mass covert sterilizations of women and girls, usually using additives to vaccines, has been exposed in Brazil, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines. Carried out under the auspices of such programs as, John D. Rockefeller’s Population Council, the US Department of Health, Education and Welfare, where Nelson Rockefeller was Under Secretary and the Rockefeller founded, World Health Organization.

Novartis and Syngenta, in cooperation with the US Department of Agriculture and the Department of Defense, have field tested a spermicidal strain of GMO corn that would render male consumers infertile. This was quietly announced as a “contribution to the world over-population problem.”

It is interesting that the world’s human fertility is dropping!

The AMA (American Medical Association) is largely funded by the Rockefellers, who use their funding to influence AMA research and decision making.

It was the Rockefellers who set up the National Education Association, with help from the Carnegie Foundation and later from the Ford Foundation.

The Green Revolution was the idea of the Rockefeller Foundation’s Natural Science Division, in partnership with large agricultural corporations.

The Rockerfellers were mainly responsible for the global shift to large scale petroleum based agriculture.

The tax payers pay billions in subsidies to giant agribusiness corporations while small family farms have been pushed out.

It is interesting that as of 2010, approximately 1 in every 7 people worldwide, did not have enough to eat!

The Rockefeller oil empire started in 1870, when John D. Rockefeller founded Standard Oil and became America’s first billionaire. Standard Oil no longer exists under that name but has been replaced by Exxon-Mobil and more.

All of these people learned how to protect and hide their wealth from taxes, many years ago. That is why there are so many funds, foundations and institutions in the world.



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